Private company "Ukrainian Chemical Products" functioning in occupied Crimea, called on Ukraine to investigate an acid storage dam damage of plant "Crimean Titan".

The company's management sent a document with a request for appropriate investigation to the President of Ukraine, the Prime Minister, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, the Security Service of Ukraine, the Border Guard Service and the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.

The statement points out that prior to the occupation the company carried out production activities at the plant "Crimean Titan". And after 2014 the company does not use lands of the annexed peninsula and on the border of the Kherson region.

" Ukrainian Chemical Products" states that dam damage can lead to negative environmental consequences, particularly, entrying of industrial wastewater from "Crimean Titan" into the Syvash lake.

The company's management called on the Ukrainian authorities to start criminal proceedings on this case


Reference, the director of the plant "Crimean Titan" Andrei Akulov reported that the dam was allegedly partially destroyed from the side of the mainland Ukraine. And director said that he applied to the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) to check the dam.

According to Olga Savenko, Director of the Department for Internal and Information Policy of the Kherson Regional State Administration, the occupants’ statements that the dam was allegedly partially destroyed from the side of the mainland Ukraine, do not correspond to reality. By this way occupants try to get water supply from the North Crimean Canal to the annexed peninsula, noted Ukrainian official.


Source: Crimeainform