Sevastopol news portal Forpost reported of food price hike.

“Over the past week the increase was recorded in wheat flour prices - by 0.52%, rice – by 0.29%, buckwheat - by 1.24%, pasta - by 2.73%, sunflower oil refined - by 1.25%,” the report says.

Beef went up in value by 1.54% on average, pork - by 0.42%, an average rise by of 1.46% was recorded in the "sausage" group prices.

Prices on fish and bread remained the same.

During the week covered, the cucumber prices in the observed trade facilities on average rose by 38.48% (to 141.24 rubles per kilogram), tomatoes - by 23.19% (to 89.12 rubles per kilogram), sweet pepper fresh - by 59.22 % (up to 97.21 rubles per kilogram).

The higher prices are attributed to increase in greenhouses production costs and a market supply reduction.

In February, the Simferopol entrepreneurs talked about a significant rise in price for vegetables and fruits at the Simferopol wholesale market "Privoz", where the goods are brought from Russia and next delivered to all the cities of Crimea.

That time, the selling prices for a number of products were explained by the increase in the Kerch ferry service tariffs.

Photo: Internet