British propagandist from TV channels Russia Today and "Star" Graham Phillips was kicked out of the building of the Great Britain Parliament, according to the Twitter page of the Ukrainian Embassy in the UK.

“Galibarenko: nobody can spoil UK-UA relations..even RU puppet propagandist G.Phillips who was just escorted by police from UK Parliam,” the ambassador of Ukraine Natalia Galibarenko wrote in the comments to the video.

The video shows a police officer pushing the Kremlin propagandist in the door.

“Get out of here, you are a liar! Shame on you!” The witnesses shouted.

Graham Phillips tried to resist, but law enforcement officers pushed him out to the cheers of the audience.

The British blogger Graham Phillips has appeared in the list of Russian terrorists Center "Peacemaker" collaborators. The corresponding page is available on the Center resource.

Activists of the "Peacemaker" noted that Phillips worked as a sex blogger who wrote reviews about women of loose morals and brothels, which he attended. Since May 2014 Phillips takes part in anti-Ukrainian propaganda and writes reports siding with militants of the so-called "LPR" and "DPR".

Photo: Internet