Protest rally against Crimea's blockade, which was to be held today in the Kherson region at the Chongar checkpoint near the Crimean administrative border at 10:00 am, has been called off.

Gennady Osmak, a contributing editor with Visit broadcasting company, proved the information on the rally cancel .

- Most likely, there will be no protest rally at the Chongar checkpoint. The vehicles have been permitted to cross the border, but police are still on the spot, he wrote on his FB page.

Earlier on, Eider Muzhdabaev, the Deputy General Director of the ATR TV channel, said that “failed protest rally was organized directly from Crimea".

According to the headquarter, it has been planned to involve into the rally dozens of taxi drivers and businessmen from the Genichesk region.

According to the headquarter of the Civil Crimea’s Blockade, the provocation is informally organized by Seytumer Nimetullaev, the former head of the Henichesk District State Administration, and now the acting head of one of the puppet Crimean Tatar organizations in the Russia-occupied peninsula – the man affiliated with the Russian secret services. Although after Russia’s annexation of Crimea Mr. Nimetullaev is presiding in Crimea, he keeps running his business in the Genichesk region with the taxi drivers being kept under observation by former Head’s people.