"The acting governor of Sevastopol," Dmitry Ovsyannikov addressed the "Prosecutor" of the city Igor Shevchenko, the Head of the "FSB in the Republic of Crimea" Viktor Palagin and the Head of the Sevastopol "Investigation Committee" Viktor Tanifa with a letter in which he reported possible provocations against officials of the Department for land and property relations and LLC "Pravozaschita", which represents the interests of the government in the courts, Novaya Gazeta writes.

The letter says that "provocations may involve former state and security officials who held their positions on the peninsula until March 2014".

Dmitry Ovsyannikov also reports that the process of "returning of land plots illegally granted to individuals during the period of Sevastopol being part of Ukraine to the ownership of the city" was launched in pursuance to the orders of Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to the letter, only in 2017 more than 3,800 lawsuits were filed against the owners of land plots by the "government" of the city.

Earlier, the media reported that the "authorities" of Sevastopol are carrying out large-scale work to seize land plots the citizens received from Ukraine.

“Possible decisions "of the courts" in favor of the inhabitants of Sevastopol will be considered as provocation. That is, now the outcome of any "court" hearing will only be on the side of the invaders with subsequent seizure of land," the user Crimean Banderovets wrote on his Facebook page.

A new land meeting is planned in Sevastopol.

Protest rally will be held on September 1 in Nakhimov Square in Sevastopol, according to the public figure Lenur Usmanov, the New Sevastopol informs.

"On September 1, as we planned, a protest rally of the townspeople will take place on Nakhimov Square. Its subject is practically similar the demands we announced on May. This is a massive land-grab by the city government from the townspeople. This is acute problems of garage cooperatives, people registered in hostels, as well as real, rather than formal, stopping the adoption of the anti-national general plan," Usmanov said.

At the same time he noted that the rally on Nakhimov Square was not banned by the authorities.

"I broke through this barrier. The authorities have no reason to prohibit the rally in this place. It was not refused," Usmanov stressed.

However, according to him, Sevastopol residents are massively receiving SMS on mobile phones with the same content saying that rally on September 1 is cancelled.

"This is electronic stuffing. It is being done to discredit our people's movement, to deceive people in violation of the law of communication. Law enforcement agencies must deal with the incident," Usmanov stated.

PHOTO: Internet, FB Crimean Banderovets