Today, December 29, one of the defendants in the "Hizb ut-Tahrir" case, 49-year-old Bahchisarai resident Remzi Memetov was sent to a forced forensic psychiatric examination, his son Dilyaver Memetov informed on Facebook.

“It is now the turn of "Bakhchsarai four Muslims" ... The punitive medical machine reached up to them. Today, my father Remzi Memetov was taken to a psychiatric hospital №1 for a forensic psychiatric examination. Then, he will spend the next month in the walls of this institution. That is how one lives till 50 years, tries to benefit society, to raise children, to observe religion and meets such a turn of events,” he wrote.

Dilyaver Memetov urged the international community to pay attention to the repression that is now held in the Crimea against the Crimean Tatars.

“At first glance, it has become commonplace: Perfectly healthy, intelligent people kept in inhuman conditions in prison, as well as sent to a mental hospital. Security forces believe that we will be silent and put up with it. But no! We drew attention of the whole world, and we will, Inshallah, draw attention to all this chaos and terror against the Crimean Muslims. Probably the services decided to present such a "gift" for the New Year?!” He added.

Previously, May 12 in Bakhchisarai, the Russian security forces conducted a series of searches in the homes of Muslims, as well as at a local cafe. As a result, four Bahchisarai residents, Zevri Abseitov, Remzi Memetov, Rustem Abeltarov and Enver Mamutov were detained and accused of terrorism and involvement in the organization "Hizb ut-Tahrir", recognized terrorist by the Russian.

The so-called "Hizb ut-Tahrir" case has become the hallmark of the FSB struggle against Muslim dissidents in Crimea. Under the pretext of suspicion of terrorism and calling their repressive actions as struggle with extremism, the Russian security forces burst into the houses, conduct illegal searches and detentions.

Photo: Internet