Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia will defend the annexed Crimea with “all means available” if they see a "threat to its territory" in an interview with American filmmaker Oliver Stone. 

According to Putin, “after Crimea became a full-fledged part of Russia, our attitude to this territory has radically changed”.

Answering the journalist's question about the annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula, the RF leader assured that “it was the choice of the Crimeans themselves”.

“It was not we who decided to join the Crimea, it was people, who live in the Crimea, decided to join Russia,” the Russian President said.

According to Putin, “military operations were not conducted there and nobody fired and no one was killed” when the so-called referendum was held on the peninsula.

"Interview with Putin" is a four-part documentary of 2017 directed by Oliver Stone about Russian President Vladimir Putin. The slogan of the film is "Know your enemy". Oliver Stone and Vladimir Putin communicate on various topics, including relations between Russia and the United States, the expansion of NATO and the deployment of missile defense in Europe, the wars in Syria and Ukraine. The film also contains the biography of the Russian President.