January 27 in occupied Sevastopol, the city project of military-patriotic park "Patriot" will be discussed with the participation of the public and the authorities, according to the Sevastopol "government" press service.

Construction of the facility in the Mount Gasfort was announced by the occupant country President Putin’s friend, the leader of the Russian biker club "Night Wolves" Aleksandr Zaldostanov [biker "Surgeon" - Ed.], and the project has already received 12 million rubles from the Russian authorities.

In early 2014, the Russian bikers from the club "Night Wolves" occupied territory on the mountains Gasfort, which belongs to the Balaklava Mining Office. Earlier construction materials were mined in the territory. The company on the basis of the incident appealed to court demanding the return of the territory, but did not achieve the desired results. In the summer of 2015, the occupying "power" of Sevastopol leased the land in the Gasfort mountains  to "Night Wolves" ostensibly for the construction of sports and patriotic center. Bikers received 12 million rubles from the Russian budget of for the project. In the fall of 2016 the "authorities" was offered to transfer the land to the occupiers Defense Ministry to open a subsidiary of the park "Patriot."

Starting from January 2017, the Crimean Natural Reserve was handed over to the Office for Affairs of President of Russia Putin. According to the self-proclaimed officials of the Crimea, the decision will "preserve the integrity of the reserve" and "will ensure its development."

Photo: Internet