The Kremlin-controlled Railway District Court of the occupied Crimea denied conditional early release for Ukrainian political prisoner Volodymyr Balukh.

An application against the verdict, according to which Balukh was sentenced to 3 years and 5 months of imprisonment, was filed by the Ukrainian lawyer Olga Dinze.

The assistant to the "prosecutor" Denis Myshkin called on the "court" to cancel the consideration of the application, because Balukh was sentenced to 5 years in another case, which does not provide for the conditional early release. In her turn, Olga Dinze stated that since the new verdict did not come into force, the defense can file a petition for conditional early release on the first verdict.  

The so-called judge, Dmitry Mikhailov, dismissed the further consideration of the petition for conditional early release in the Balukh case.

In turn, the activist Olena Popova noted on her Facebook page that for the first time the "bailiff" spoke to them in the Ukrainian language.

“The trial of Balukh was fast - conditional early release was denied. The shock was not from this: For the first time a bailiff at the entrance spoke to us in Ukrainian,” she wrote.

QHA reported that Volodymyr Balukh was sentenced to five years in prison. The "court" in the occupied Crimea sentenced the Ukrainian political prisoner to serving punishment in the colony of the general regime, and also imposed a fine of 10,000 rubles.

Reference: The second case against Volodymyr Balukh was initiated because of the alleged beating of the so-called head of the detention centre Valery Tkachenko.

Earlier, member of the Crimean Human Rights Group Oleksandr Sedov said that the second criminal case against Volodymyr Balukh was fabricated by the FSB, and not the head of the Razdolnensky isolator. Sedov added that the case against Balukh was brought about because he did not recognize the verdict.

Source: Hromadske radio