On Wenceslas Square in Prague, the protesters staged a "corridor of shame" for Putin's favorite bikers, arranging traditional motocross through European cities, Ceske Noviny edition reports.

A group of 60 bikers arrived in Prague from Vienna and was joined by 50 local bikers.

But in the center of Prague, the bikers were met by protesters holding Ukrainian, Czech and American flags, and chanting: "Suitcase, station, Russia!" or "Occupants, go home!"

A video of such "cordial" reception was released on social media.

The bikers were also welcomed by inflatable "green men" with faces of the Czech President Milos Zeman, President Vladimir Putin, the head of the South Region Michal Hasek and the leader of the Night Wolves - Putin's favorite bikers' club - Alexander Zaldostanov, known as "Khirurg" ("Surgeon").

However, the bikers arrived at Olšany cemetery to pay tribute to those killed during the liberation of Prague by the Red Army soldiers. The bikers were supported by a group of about 100 people with St. George ribbons and flags of Russia and separatist organizations from eastern Ukraine.

PHOTO: Ceske Noviny