The so-called "Senator" from the occupied Sevastopol Andrei Sobolev proposed to dig a channel through the Crimea connecting the Black Sea with the Azov Sea. According to him, the channel must pass along the Isthmus of Ak-Monai. 

“Why don’t we build a new channel on the Isthmus of Ak-Monai, connecting the Black Sea and the Azov Sea directly? It will be another waterway as some kind of alternative to the strait. The length of the channel will not exceed 20 kilometers. The height of the sides is minimal, the lining rocks are low strength limestones that are used as building materials everywhere, and piles of soils are not expected. The depths from the Black Sea coast (Feodosia Gulf) are normal, and they are sufficient, 5-10 meters, from the Azov side (between the Arabat Spit and Shcholkine), as in the Kerch Strait", the representative of the occupation authorities said in an interview.

Sobolev believes that natural and geological conditions will be conductive to this construction. "Senator" noted that the channel could be a backup for vessels now passing through the Kerch Strait.

Reference: the Isthmus of Ak-Monai connects the Kerch Peninsula with the main part of the Crimea. It divides the Syvash Gulf and the Arabat Gulf, located in the southwestern part of the Azov Sea, and the Feodosia Gulf. The length of the isthmus is about 15 km, the width is 17 km in the narrowest place. Kamyanske, Yachminne, Lvove, Petrovo, Semisotka, Frontove villages of Lenin district and Primorskyi village of Feodosia City Council are located on the isthmus.

PHOTO: Internet