Residents of the occupied Sevastopol went to a rally against the master plan for the development of the city, produced by the so-called "authorities".
Reportedly, more than 800 people came to the rally with 500 officially registered, the propaganda site "Primechania" informs.
According to the author, local residents, land holders and other property owners participated in the rally.
The participants posters say: "State master plan is demolishing of Sevastopol proprety", "If we keep silent they will take everyting away", "Stop the court mayhem on land", "We ask RF Defence Ministry and Sevastopol authorities to comply with legislation", "Defend the property rights".

As a result of the meeting, the demonstrators expressed their expressed their lack of confidence in the occupation "authorities" of Sevastopol.
Previously, residents of Sevastopol sent the development master plan for revision due to a great number of contained mistakes and inaccuracies.

Earlier, residents of one of the neighborhoods of the occupied Simferopol collected signatures in the General Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation, to prevent their land plots and houses from being demolished.
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