Relatives of Ukrainian citizens, imprisoned by Russian invaders in the Crimea and on the territory of the Russian Federation, drafted an appeal to the European Parliament. The full text of the appeal was published on the website of the Center for Civil Liberties.

The document contains a request to European diplomats on imposing a new type of sanctions against the Russian Federation for massive violations of human rights on the occupied peninsula, as well as to include those Russians involved in fabricating cases against Kremlin prisoners in the current lists of personal sanctions.

“The barometer of non-freedom in the occupied peninsula reached its critical point and requires an immediate response from the international community. In authoritarian Russia, fair justice is impossible. The only chance for our relatives to return home and stop the growth of political repression in the occupied Crimea is to increase international pressure on Russia, which demonstratively neglects the principles of international law,” the document says.

Activists suggested initiating investigations by the EU member states in order to reveal corruption and political ties between local politicians and the top leadership of the Russian Federation.

Relatives of political prisoners call on the European Parliament to demand Russia allowing the international organizations to monitor the situation on human rights in the territory of the occupied Crimea. They also ask to launch a process of constant monitoring of fabricated trials against victims of political persecution in the Russian Federation and the occupied Crimea and to ensure the participation of diplomats from the EU in court sessions in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Among other things, it was proposed "to create an operational working group to form a list of persons involved in the fabrication of criminal cases against Ukrainian citizens ... and to impose personal sanctions against them" as well as "to organize missions involving independent doctors to places of remand of the Ukrainian citizens in the Russian Federation and the occupied Crimea ".

Over 50 people have already signed the appeal.

Earlier, QHA reported that the international human rights organization Freedom House published a detailed report on the observance of human rights in the occupied Crimea. Crimea in the report is called a "non-free territory" and scored 9 out of 100 with aggregate human rights compliance. In turn, the indicator of "equality before justice" was rated at 0 out of 16 points.

The reason for the critically low assessment of the "Rule of law" in the Crimea was the dependence of "courts" on the decisions of the occupation authorities, deliberate inhibition of the investigation into especially serious crimes, tortures and abductions of activists who did not agree with the occupation, committed by members of the bandit formation "people's self-defense".

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