The representatives of the Russian Federation (RF) law enforcement agencies are trying by all means to prevent the participation of Crimea people in blockade of the annexed peninsular, as some of them have already went out to support the action, Krym Realii quotes Nariman Jelal, the First Deputy Chairman of Mejlis, as saying.

“They tried to convince me, and through me the others, that the action would come to no good and cause destabilization and so on. They also warned me that those who would go to rally would have problems on their return home. They advised me to convince them not to join the action. They threatened by different thing, even by opening a criminal case, said Nariman Jelal. He also noted that such discussions were unofficial.

Reminder: Mejlis of the Crimean Tatars commenced the food blockade of occupied Crimea on September 20, 2015. Over 200 trucks delivering goods to Crimea have been stuck at the checkpoints for twenty-four hours. None of the trucks has been allowed to enter Crimea.