Close to 3.5 billion dollars is earmarked every year for Russian information propaganda, reported a QHA correspondent citing Vyacheslav Gusarov, expert with the information resistance group and intelligence colonel, as saying at a press conference held in Kiev.

This figure includes the information component and the support of foreign organizations engaged in the propaganda. Of course, the money for this information warfare are allocated from the state budget of the Russian Federation, the expert said.

Since Russia conducts information wars against a number of European and post-Soviet countries, Gusarov proposes to create a union of public organizations called "Bastion" to jointly confront the enemy propaganda.

Our organization will be the basis for Ukraine and Europe as well. Representatives of Georgia, Estonia and Poland have joined it. Together we can create a barrier to the Russia’s information aggression, concluded Gusarov without specifying the sources to finance the organization.

Gusarov stressed this will be the NGO.