The Prosecutor's Office of the Central District of Krasnodar conducted a check of compliance with the legislation on countering extremism because of the geographical map placed at the Krasnodar-1 bus station. The map had an image of the Crimean peninsula within the territory of Ukraine, according to the media.

Reportedly, placement of the map is a violation of the Russian Federal Constitutional Law "On the Admission of New Entities of the Republic of Crimea into the Russian Federation and the Formation of New Entities in the Russian Federation - the Republic of Crimea and the City of Federal Significance Sevastopol".

The Russian media inform that "in order to eliminate violations of the legislation on counteracting extremist activity, the District Prosecutor's Office introduced a submission to the management of the organization, following which the official responsible was subjected to disciplinary measures and the map was replaced with the actual status of the Russian Federal subject."

Reference: in February-March 2014, Russia annexed the Ukrainian Crimea, having introduced its troops and organized an illegal "referendum" on the annexation of the peninsula.

The countries of the West did not recognize the annexation of the Crimea and imposed a host of economic sanctions against Russia. For Ukraine, the Crimea remains a temporarily occupied territory.

PHOTO: Internet