Pro-Russian structure in Ankara tried to disrupt the conference, which is being held at the University of Economics and Technology with representatives of the international diplomatic missions and representatives of the Turkish government, Emil Kurbedinov informed QHA.

According to him, organizers of the conference were forced to prohibit the journalists to broadcast the event and report on it due to pressure.

“The pressure has been put since the first day of our arrival and we were warned about this. Many journalists have been forced not to appear at the event. Higher pro-Russian structures in Ankara are working actively to block the coverage of violation of rights of the indigenous people in Crimea, the Crimean Tatars, the Crimean Muslims and other political prisoners,” he said.

Chairman of the Turkish-Ukrainian friendship Namık Kemal Bayar stated that the Embassy of the Russian Federation, apart from the intension to disrupt the event, aimed to tell the Turkish and International public about the crimes against humanity and violations of human rights in Crimea after the occupation, are also putting pressure on other organizations.

“We have learned that the Russian Embassy in Ankara apart from making efforts to repeal the events, organized by the Centre of Culture and Mutual Help WCCT and the Society of Ukrainian-Turkish friendship, also puts pressure on other organizations with whom we work. It seems that Russia is uncomfortable even mentioning the words "human rights".

December 10, in connection with the International Day of Human Rights, a photo exhibition of a Russian journalist Andrei Naumlyuk entitled "Hybrid Deportation" was opened in the Turkish capital Ankara. The same day a panel discussion began on human rights abuses in the occupied territory of Ukraine, Crimea. The speakers of the event are the Crimean lawyers Edem Semedlyaev and Emil Kurbedinov, Deputy coordinator of social organization "KrymSOS" Eugenia Andreyuk, a former political prisoner Gennady Afanasiev, as well as the co-founder and coordinator of the "KrymSOS" Tamil Tashev.