In October-December 2016, in the Russian-occupied Crimea, the activists of the organization "All-Russian People's Front" recorded the cases of laying asphalt into snow, puddles or during the rain, according to the reports of the "People’s Front" press service.

The organization informed that on each fact of violations, the "People's Front" activists send requests to the Kremlin-controlled authorities of Crimea, indicating to deal with infractions.

“It is striking how indifferent and ignorant the authorities are about how the work should be carried out, which quality depends on the effective use of funds, and road safety. Often, the officials pay attention to these issues only after receiving our requests,” the Russian State Duma Deputy Aleksandr Vasilyev resented.

Earlier QHA reported that repair works on the roadway in the occupied Simferopol area is carried out by backfilling pits with asphalt coating with shovels.
Deputy Head of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people Nariman Jelal captured the video of this "high-tech" process and posted it on his Facebook page.
Photo: Internet