The well-known Russian actress Lea Ahedzhakova said that the occupied Crimea is part of her life, but this does not justify theft by Russia.
She noted that she really loves the peninsula and believes that it belongs to Ukraine.

“I love Crimea very much - my childhood was there, my mother and dad were treated for tuberculosis, there were my pioneer camps, we went there with whole our Young Spectator's Theatre, there was a theater holiday house. I've traveled all around Crimea, it's part of my life. But this in no way justifies stealing it. I believe Crimea belongs to Ukraine. How is it actually possible - to grab hold of neighbor's living space? Especially when he has problems in the house...”

Ahedzhakova emphasized that in her country she is considered a "terrorist" over such attitude to the occupied Crimea and support to Ukraine’s territorial integrity.

“Now I am a "terrorist" in relation to the Crimea. Indeed, I am a "terrorist" in the company of the most respected representatives of our culture. We are "enemies of the people" and, most importantly, "terrorists". But such an odd company is an honor for me.”

Earlier, Lea Ahedzhakova wrote an appeal in support of the Ukrainian political prisoner Oleg Sentsov. The actress called on all to help the Ukrainian filmmaker, illegally convicted in Russia.

Photo: TASS