The Krasnodar court of the Russian Federation did not satisfy the appeal of the Ukrainian prisoner Pavel Grib and refused to place him under house arrest.

The journalist Irina Romaliyskaya reported on the matter on her Facebook page.

“Pavel Grib was not brought to court today. His mother saw her son on the TV screen for the first time over two and a half months. The court left Pavel in custody. They refused to place him under house arrest," she wrote.

Earlier QHA reported that the Ukrainian Consul was able to meet with Pavel Grib who was kidnapped in Belarus, in Krasnodar detention center. Grib complained about his state of health affected by some medications. He also said that he did not often meet with investigator or lawyer.

Reference: the Ukrainian Pavel Grib disappeared on August 24 in Belarus. According to him, unknown people in plainclothes kidnapped him at the Gomel bus station and handed over to other unknown people in the forest. For more than 24 hours he was kept in a room without windows, after which he was taken to the Smolensk region (RF), where he was "lawfully" arrested.

The authorities of Belarus do not recognize their involvement in the kidnapping of the Ukrainian citizen.
According to official information, since August 25, Pavel Grib has been in the Krasnodar detention center. The Russian authorities are attempting to charge him for terrorism. For a long time a lawyer and Ukrainian consuls were not allowed to him, as well as the Ukrainian doctors.