Russian GRU officers Aleksander Aleksandrov and Evgeny Yerofeyev can be swapped only for Nadiya Savchenko, and only as long as she is alive, a lawyer Ilya Novikov wrote on Facebook citing his own sources.

- Pay attention to the ending of the legal proceedings against Russian GRU officers Aleksandrov and Yerofeyev. It has appeared to be very quick, on Monday (18 April) they are to be pronounced a verdict. And also pay attention to the defendants’ behavior. They seem to keep very calm and confident. They seem to believe the swap discussion has already been resolved. This is not exactly this way, wrote Novikov.

According to him, the only possible option of swapping is for Nadiya Savchenko, and “only as long as she is alive."

- There are other candidates to swap Sentsov, Soloshenko and the rest. Everything suggests this condition is conscious and final. We are waiting for Monday, wrote Novikov.

April, 18 Holosiivskyi District Court is due to pass a sentence on Russian GRU officers Evgeny Yerofeyev and Aleksander Aleksandrov.

PHOTO: Ilya Novikov’s Facebook page