Celebration of International Human Rights Day is banned in Crimea, reported Eskender Bariev, Coordinator of the Committee on Crimean Tatar Rights Protection, at a press briefing in Kyiv.

According to him, in November 2014, the Committee on Crimean Tatar Rights Protection was established due to the systematic violation of human rights in the Russia-occupied territory. Then the Committee submitted an application to hold Dec 10 a conference on "Human Rights in Crimea", the photo exhibition "The role of the Crimean Tatar national movement in law enforcement" and drawing competition on the asphalt "I want to live in our homeland." However, all these measures were banned by Russian occupation authorities.

The other press conference of the Committee on Crimean Tatar Rights Protection, which gathered due to the ban on peaceful assemblies, was foiled by some sporty young people, so-called "titushky."

-On our part, we submitted to the occupational law enforcement authorities an application on the threats to our life and an attack on our activities. As a result, we were told that the law enforcement officials do not find here any offenses. This once again proves the actions of this "titushky" to be clearly aligned with the occupying power in order not to allow work of human rights organizations, said Bariev.

He also said such methods of dealing with dissent are not the only existing since the occupational authorities actively practice house searches and interrogations. In addition, in anticipation of the winter the invaders have invented a new method of pressure - gas and electricity limits. The latter was applied, in particular, against famous Crimean Tatar activists Lenur Islyamov, Lilay Budzhurova, Mustafa Dzhemilev.