Publication REPLYUA informs that communication service provider ‘Beeline’ is not licensed to operate in the occupied Crimea, with reference to the official representative of the Russian company.

At the request of one of the Simferopol occupation authorities representatives, mobile development director of ‘Beeline’ Marina Allagulova reported that the company does not intend to provide their services on the peninsula.

A similar, but quite contradictory response was received from the company ‘Megafon’, which plans to expand its network in the whole territory of the Russian Federation, though they "do not have enough funds" for the occupied Crimea.

- We plan to expand our network throughout the territory of the Russian Federation. However, due to the peculiarities of Crimea, the lack of resources and the difficult economic situation, our company is not about to develop communication in the Republic of Crimea. At least in the nearest future, - the mobile operator representatives say.

The essence of this reluctance to set up their activities in the occupied territory of neighboring states can be explained by concerns to fall under the international sanctions that could affect any company operating from Russia in the annexed Crimea.

Photo: Internet