On Saturday, Russian services at the administrative border in the occupied Crimea again created queues of cars driving both from the mainland Ukraine to Crimea and from the Russian-annexed peninsula to mainland Ukraine.
Assistant to the Head of the Berdyansk Border Guard detachment - the Head of the press service Nelya Dotsenko told about the accumulation of vehicles to a correspondent of Ukrinform.
“On Saturday, a large queue of vehicles driving from mainland Ukraine to the territory of temporarily occupied Crimea was formed at the Ukrainian entrance-exit checkpoint "Chongar". As of 6:00, there were about 150 cars in this line. At 9.00 the queue slightly decreased - more than 120 cars, and as of 10.30 their number remained almost the same. But another fact attracts attention: according to citizens who are coming from Crimea to mainland Ukraine, this time Russian services at their checkpoint, which is opposite to one in Chongar, also created a line of cars going from the occupied peninsula to the mainland Ukraine. After all, in recent years, the occupants have provided slow access only in one direction - from the mainland of Ukraine to the annexed peninsula,” Dotsenko said.
According to her, on Friday Russian services served about 7 cars per hour, and on Saturday - about 4 cars.
Dotsenko also said that queues of cars for departure from the mainland of Ukraine to the Crimea are also observed today in two other checkpoints - Chaplyanka and Kalanchak. About 20 vehicles await entrance to the Crimea at the "Kalanchak" checkpoint, and about 10 cars in "Chaplynka".