In 2017, 746 crimes were committed in Ukraine by Russian citizens, First Deputy Chairman of the National Police of Ukraine Vyacheslav Abroskin stated.

According to him, Russians occupy the first place in the number of crimes committed by foreigners. Totally in Ukraine, 2.900 criminal offenses have been committed by foreigners over the past year.

"746 of them by citizens of the Russian Federation, 707 by citizens of Georgia, 425 by citizens of Azerbaijan, 271 by citizens of, 141 by citizens of Armenia, 134 by citizens of Uzbekistan," Abroskin specified.

51 of the committed offences are premeditated murder, 42 cases of serious bodily harm, 25 cases of human trafficking. Also, foreigners committed 111 armed robberies and more than a thousand thefts, more than a third of which were committed by Georgian citizens.

"As of now all these crimes are solved," the official added.

Earlier, February 13, the Chief of the National Police Sergei Knyazev informed that in the west of Ukraine the crime rate is lower than in other regions of the country, because of religion and the mentality of the local population.