In the occupied Crimea, the security forces took away the Crimean Tatar Mustafa Mustafayev, whose house in the village of Pushkino was earlier searched. The Crimean Tatar was taken to Sevastopol, activist Ridvan Memetov reported on his Facebook page.

"Mustafa Mustafayev was taken to Sevastopol," he wrote.

Reportedly, Mustafayev's mother collapced after the security officers took him away.

Earlier QHA reported that in the occupied Crimea the security forces continue searching the homes of Crimean Tatars and detaining them. Video with detention was published by Ridvan Memetov.

Aaccording to preliminary information, the search took place in the home of a teacher of junior classes, a teacher of the Crimean Tatar language Mustafayeva Lenara and her husband Mustafa.

Moreover, the security forces searched the house of Mustafa's mother - Adzher Mustafayeva on the next street.