Security forces in occupied Crimea are carrying out a search in the micro-district Fontany-5 (Simferopol) in the house of Crimean Tatars Aider and Arsen Bekirovs. This was reported by the public association "Crimean solidarity" on Facebook.

“A search is taking place in the house of Aider and Arsen Bekirovs who live in the micro-district Fontany-5, Simferopol. According to their neighbors, Arsen works as a construction worker and his brother Aider (born in 1983) deals with car-repair at home. Arsen’s wife, Elmira, works as a teacher of the Crimean Tatar language at school.”

To the Crimean Tatar house the prisoner transports were drove up. During the search an elderly woman that was at home felt bad.

“An elderly woman Lilya khanum is at home, she is 62 years old and is ill. During the search she felt bad. An ambulance was called for her. It provided first aid and left, this woman’s condition stabilized.”

Earlier, QHA reported that controlled by the Kremlin security forces carried out a search at the house of Crimean Tatar Zarema Kulametova. Before that, the woman was kidnapped. At the time of the kidnapping she was in the park on public works.

Later, it was revealed that security forces brought Z.Kulametova to the house of her son, where the search was conducted as well. According to the  representative of the Ukrainian Ombudsman for human rights of residents of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol, Ismail Khalikov, this is the first time when security forces kidnapped a woman in accupied Crimea.