Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov, who is imprisoned in a Russia, said that he is holding on and is confident of his victory, according to the Russian documentary filmmaker Andrei Plakhov, to whom Sentsov wrote a letter.
In his letter the prisoner of the Kremlin said that he valued Plakhov's opinion and read his books.

“When I watched a movie too abstruse and incomprehensible to me, as a provincial guy, I typed the name in a search engine, adding "Plakhov" in the end to read your opinion about this film," he wrote.

Sentsov also thanked some Russian cinematographers who support him openly on official venues.

“It turns out that this is not so difficult - just do not be afraid to express your opinion ... I hold on and I am still confident of victory," Sentsov wrote.

Earlier, the organizers of the campaign for the liberation of Oleg Sentsov published a call on their page on Facebook for an urgent debate on the release of all Ukrainian prisoners of the Kremlin. The message notes that next Monday, June 25, a session of the Assembly opens, which will bring together all the parliamentary delegations of the Council of Europe member states. Organizers note that achieving this goal will not be easy, as the Kremlin has strong support in the Council of Europe.