Ukrainian filmmaker from Crimea Oleg Sentsov, who was illegally convicted and kept in Russia, was placed in a punishment cell of penal colony prison on Yamal.

Pavel Chikov, the Head of the international human rights group Agora, provided the corresponding information on Telegram.

“After the transfer to the colony Oleg was thrown into the punitive isolation ward. He is in good health, sends his regards to everyone!” he reported.

Chikov further noted that Sentsov was visited by his lawyer Dmitry Dinze in the colony.

Reference: in August 2015, a court in the Russian Federation found Oleg Sentsov and Aleksandr Kolchenko guilty of allegedly creating a "terrorist organization" in the Crimea, committing two terrorist attacks and preparing another one, as well as in an attempt to acquire explosive devices and illegal storage of weapons.

Sentsov and Kolchenko were sentenced to 20 and 10 years in prison respectively.