Not rusty pipes and running taps are to blame for current water losses in occupied Sevastopol, but the locals, said "the Deputy Director of the Department of Sevastopol Municipal Services" Andrey Chibisov as cited by "Primechaniya".

- Currently, we are conducting area-based measurements of water losses the "Vodokanal" incurs. This means the systematic unaccounted water consumption. It is not about water losses, it's just that people consume it for free. The amount of losses in tubes is not so high to compensate fully the water needs, said Chibisov.

At the same time Chibisov stressed that the residents of the city of Sevastopol will not use less water should a paid-for-basis be established.

As QHA reported earlier, the Crimean village of Luchistoe is supplied water with worms and dirt. Locals say the water is supplied once in two days and its quality is poor.

Photo: Internet