Russian-occupied Sevastopol rated first among the southern regions at the cost of a conditional minimum food basket, according to the report of the Russian Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat) of February 27.

In January 2018, the cost of a minimum food basket cost the townspeople 3,931 rubles.

The second place was taken by the Krasnodar Territory, where the set of products was estimated at 3 thousand 914 rubles. Occupied Crimea, was on the third place on the list of the Russian Federation. On the peninsula, the minimum food basket in January cost 3,768 rubles.

The cheapest products in the south were in the Volgograd region - 3 thousand 380 rubles for a minimum food basket.

Earlier it was reported that from the beginning of 2017, the cost of a minimum set of food products in the occupied Crimea increased by 6.4%. Thus, one person on average spends 3 thousand 970 rubles (about 1700 hryvnia) on the minimum food basket