Sevastopol will continue to suffer from lack of electricity, according to the Primechaniya Publication.

“We may face the deficit of approximately 25-30 megawatts during the heating season. The city has got 388 diesel generator sets that will make up for the shortage of electricity,” said the "Acting Director of the Municipal Economy Department" of Crimea Andrei Chibisov.

"The authorities" openly state that energy bridge from the Krasnodar Territory is not able to supply electricity during peak loads in winter, when the consumption increases up to 270 MW.

Sevastopol will face the deficit of electricity until Russian occupation regime continues in the Crimean peninsula. It is hardly possible to supply the needs of the peninsula without Ukrainian electricity. And the "power" only promises to build their own thermal power plants in Sevastopol not until the next year.

Photo: Internet