Filmmaker Ahtem Seytablaev offered to test traitor's knowledge of Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar languages, as well as history of Ukraine, after the de-occupation of Crimea, and to deprive them of the right to vote. He said this on the air of 5 TV channel.

"When we return Crimea to Ukraine - and we will return it for sure, because the Crimean Tatars have no other homeland - then those, whose hands are full with blood, will be condemned. Those collaborators, who make their profits from the tears of our people, will be brutally condemned. Those, whose hands are not stained with the blood, will be required to pass an exam on Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar languages, and history of Ukraine. If those citizens fail the test, they should be deprived of right to vote," Seytablaev said.

in March, the filmmaker noted that Ukrainian authorities' efforts on de-occupation of Crimea are insufficient, and therefore the Crimean Tatars will be the first to bring the invaders to the court.

Photo: Internet