In the occupied Crimea, an acute shortage of labor is observed due to the large number of construction projects, according to the Deputy Chairman of the so-called Council of Ministers Vitaly Nahlupin.

“At the construction sites of the Crimea, there are issues concerning the delivery of materials and the number of workers. Unfortunately, the republic is not provided with all the necessary materials and they have to be brought. Now we are working with contractors to optimize the budget. There is also a shortage of labor. That's why people from Russia, including from Siberia, work here," he said.

Reportedly, in Simferopol occupied by Russia, janitors and road workers are not enough. Now, a real crisis and a shortage of labor are observed in the Crimea: 2 vacancies per person.

Earlier QHA reported that in the occupied Crimea the number of people willing to engage in medical science continues to decrease.