The incident, that took place September 1 night, when unknown man painted the building of Mejlis with unquotable inscription and painting, demonstrates the standard of culture and mentality of those who did it.

Member of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people, head of “Crimea.Fund” NGO Riza Shevkiev said this to QHA correspondent, commenting the incident.

“On September 1 night unknown man wrote unquotable, dirty words and draw a painting. This shows the level and the mentality of those who has painted it”- Shevkiev said.

Shevkiev also stressed, that as the previous incidents regarding the Mejlis building were not investigated, this incited would not be investigated as well.

Unknown man has painted the building of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people in Simferopol with unquotable painting and inscriptions, still is not the first case of vandalism. On April 21, about 30 members of self-defense forces of Crimea, broke into the building, removed Ukrainian flag from the Mejlis building and put Russian one instead.

The incident is still not investigated.