The residents of Crimea more often complain about the lack of textbooks in schools, Krym Media reports Larisa Opanasyuk, ‘Vice Prime Minister of Crimea’, as saying at a meeting of the Council of Ministers. 

According to her, the complaints came from the parents of pupils of Sudak grammar school No.1, the school in Semisotka village of Leninsky district, the school in Petrovskoye village of Krasnogvardeisky district and others. Furthermore, the supply time is still unknown.

Earlier on, Natalia Zhurba, the self-proclaimed Deputy Minister of Education, Science and Youth in Crimea, reported that about 2,5 million textbooks had been purchased on the eve of the last academic year.

“Such amount of textbooks was enough for all the pupils. The shortage of textbooks stems directly from the growth in pupils numbers for this year,” Natalia Zhurba said.