The planned power outages in occupied Simferopol are expected starting from November 2, the press service of the so-called "city administration" reports.

"Krymenergo State Unitary Enterprise of the Republic of Crimea informs that in connection with the planned repair of electrical equipment in November, power outages will occur from 8 am to 5 pm according to the following schedule," says the statement.

The occupation authorities have assured that the repair will ensure the reliable and stable power supply of consumers.

Electricity supplies from Ukraine to the occupied Crimea completely stopped on September 22, 2015 due to the undermining of transmission towers in the Kherson region that were used to supply power to the peninsula.

Russia managed to run in the annexed Crimea the last 4th strand of the energy bridge from Kuban, expecting an additional 200 MW of capacity with total volume of 800 MW for the power bridge.

Photo: Internet