At the Thermal Injuries and Plastic Surgery Center in Kyiv, several civic organizations presented a system that will help soldiers and internally displaced persons (IDPs) who were in captivity in the East of Ukraine, and survived torture and abuse.

The aim of the "single window" system is the psychological rehabilitation of people, who had experienced the horrors of war, as well as legal and medical help and support provided by social workers.

Irina Suslova, Chair of the Verkhovna Rada Subcommittee on Gender Equality and Non-Discrimination of the Committee on Issues of Human Rights Protection, said that not only the direct participants of the war, provoked by the aggressor in the East of Ukraine, are suffering but also their families.

“Psychological trauma is one of the war consequences, which is quite difficult to overcome, and not only for those who have been imprisoned and tortured, but also for their friends and families,” said the Ukrainian MP.

Participants of the meeting agreed that the medical rehabilitation usually goes faster than psychological.

At the end of a press conference, the representatives of the Ukrainian Fund of Public Health, Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union, NGO Blue Bird, and the International Rehabilitation Center for the Victims of Wars and Totalitarian Regimes signed a Memorandum on Cooperation.

A victim, whatever assistance he/she is needed, may contact one of the signatories of the Memorandum and get relevant assistance or be referred to the appropriate organization, confirmed the Executive Director of the International Charitable Fund Galina Skipalsky.