As of morning August, 9 the situation on the administrative border with the annexed Crimea has not changed, the Press Secretary of the Ukraine’s State Border Service Oleg Slobodyan reported on Facebook.

The occupants at "Chongar" checkpoint continue to let citizens and vehicles cross the border. The occupation law enforcement officers at "Chaplynka" checkpoint allow entry only to those citizens and vehicles that head for the occupied territory. Like yesterday the "Kalanchak" checkpoint still remains closed, reads a statement.

Slobodyan went on saying the activity of the Russia’s Armed Forces near the administrative border remains at the same high level.

In at least six cases, the border guards observed the flights of the Mi-8 helicopters, UAV 1, as well as the movement of military equipment near the positions of the Russia’s Armed Forces. At night time the occupants tried to floodlight the Ukrainian position not far from the "Titan" factory, said Slobodyan.

According to the Press Secretary, as of 8.00 a.m. about 100 cars have piled up at "Chongar" checkpoint and close to 70 at "Chaplynka."

Earlier the Deputy Minister on the Affairs of the Temporarily Occupied Territories Georgiy Tuka said that the traffic was restricted on the Crimean border due to the Russian military drills.

The morning of August, 7 the occupying Russian authorities without any explanation completely stopped traffic on the Crimean border. The gunfire was heard not far from the "Chongar" checkpoint and the Russian aircrafts spotted.

During the day, the "Kalanchak" and "Chaplynka" checkpoints resumed operating, but the occupants allowed entry only to Crimea. Around midnight on August, 8 the occupation authorities again blocked the “Kalanchak" checkpoint.

Photo: Internet