Residents of Tyumen found fake lights at the promenade in the place where the real lights had to be installed. Sheets of paper with printed on them LED lamps were pasted with adhesive tape, Russian media reports.

The organization "Tyumengormost" explained that the papers had been pasted deliberately - the workers decided to cover the niches for lamp wires.

According to the director of the organization Nikolai Griboyedov, there are no lights, as some of them were pulled out by vandals and others "have failed for unknown reasons", Espresso reports.

Griboyedov noted that the niches were sealed for the City Day (celebration took place on July 30). Since then, some 94 lamps have been replaced, and   another 500 will be installed in the near future, the director promises.  

PHOTO: vk.com/toptyum