The Centre for Policy and Research on Turkey May 6 to conduct public conference entitled “Ukrainian Crisis and the Atrocities in Crimea: The Never-Ending Persecution of Crimean Tatars”.

The conference to take place in Strand Campus, King’s College London, UK. Dr. Rory Finnin, Ms. Eleanor Knott and Ms. Melek Maksudoğlu to give talks, Professor Orlando Figes, Professor of History, Birkbeck College, University of London will chair the event.

The documentary screening of “Son of Crimea: Struggle of a People”, which has recently been translated into English,  to be followed by the Conference. It will include a one-hour section of the documentary.

Directed by Neşe Sarısoy Karatay and produced by Zafer Karatay, Son of Crimea (Kırımoğlu): Struggle of a People” is filmed in Turkey, Ukraine, Russian Federation, Uzbekistan, Belgium and the United States and incorporates interviews with hundreds of eye-witnesses or survivors, politicians and experts; documents from former USSR archives and other sources as well as thousands of related photographs from private and public collections.

The screening as well as the public conference are free and open to public.