In the morning of April 11, compulsory dismantling of trading objects was started in the occupied Simferopol along the Kozlova Street. Dozens of equipment units, police of the occupiers and representatives of the "People's Militia of the Crimea" formation worked on the scene.

According to the so-called First Deputy Head of the Simferopol Administration Aleksandr Ovdienko, the owners of the demolished premises were aware of the "authorities’" plans to eliminate the trade outlets.

He informed that to continue the trading activities it is necessary to conclude a contract with the city "authorities", and then the owner of a trade outlet will be given a place in the Central market.

“Actually, the procedure for dismantling these premises started back in 2015. A number of them were removed by the owners. All the owners were notified, the information was announced through the media ... 500 vacant places are ready at the Central market. Make a replacement, conclude a contract and get a better trade than here - behind the fence, with security... Before Easter, we must demolish all and tidy up,” the official told the Crimean journalists.

However, some retailers working in the market reported that they learned about the demolition only the evening before, and the market management regularly collected the rent, without warning about anything.

"We have more than a million losses. The market management has not warned us. Obviously, the city warned the market management, because only yesterday they collected the rent money ahead of the month. And now they will not return money to us, and they did not give us back the goods.”

Ovdienko, in turn, stressed that the incurred losses should be learned from the owners of the micromarket.

Earlier, in the framework of the program for the improvement of the Crimean beaches, the self-proclaimed Prime Minister Sergei Aksyonov announced his intention to demolish 9,000 buildings. He also said that the program had many opponents - many representatives of the "authorities" are the owners of these structures, and, obviously, are not interested in beautifying beaches on this program. Aksyonov expressed his firm intention to "go the way (of reconstruction of beaches) to the end", breaking the "resistance of lobbyists".

PHOTO: Internet