President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman and Verkhovna Rada Speaker Andriy Parubiy congratulated Ukrainians on the Ukraine-Rus Baptism Day, which is celebrated on July 28.

Parubiy noted that in 988 Ukraine-Rus became part of the European Christian civilization.

”Vladimir the Great, the Great Prince of Kyiv made a state choice – he established Christianity on Ukrainian lands in 988. The Baptism of Rus is not only a religious act of choosing religion, but also an important political step in the history of Ukraine. Christian tradition became the basis of the Ukrainian state, and Rus-Ukraine became the part of a common European Christian civilization".

Vladimir Groysman congratulated the Ukrainians on his Facebook page.

“My congratulations on this date and I wish to all of us success in the development of the strong European state!”

The President of Ukraine also stressed that Vladimir the Great made a fateful decision 1029 years ago.

“He accepted the Christian faith from the Constantinople Church, which is the Church-Mother for us now also. We expect from Constantinople Church recognition for the autocephaly of the Ukrainian Church, equal to other local Orthodox churches and, of course, spiritually and administratively independent from Moscow, from the aggressor country. The choice of the Christian faith by Prince Vladimir was also a European choice".

Reference: the Baptism of Kievan Ukraine-Rus is celebrated according to the Presidential Decree of July 25, 2008.

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