As part of the investigation into the attempted coup d'état of July 15, 2016, conducted by the Prosecutor General's Office of Turkey,  50,136 people were arrested in 10 months under suspicion of having links with the Fathullah Gulen terrorist movement (FETÖ).

According to the information of the Ministry of Justice of Turkey, over the indicated period 154 694 people were detained in Turkey on suspicion of relations with FETÖ. Of these, 2,763 were released due to the absence of corpus delicti.

50,136 of the total number of detainees were arrested under a court decision.

Among the total number of arrested persons, 2431 were members of the judiciary, 104 were from the Supreme Court, 41 were from the State Council, two from the Constitutional Court, three were members of the Supreme Council of Judges and Prosecutors, 6,982 were military personnel, including 167 generals, 8816 police officers, 23 - governors, 72 - assistants to governors, 112 - heads of local administrations, 31 550 - civil servants.

45 708 of the total number of detainees were released on personal recognizance not to leave the country. 12 753 people were released after the corresponding procedures in the police stations and the prosecutor's office.

At the same time, as part of the investigation, 7430 people were released from prisons on personal recognizance not to leave the country.
7112 people were declared wanted, 211 of which are judges and prosecutors, six are members of the State Council, 25 are members of the Supreme Court, 137 are military, 369 are police officers, 3 are governor's assistants, 8 are heads of local administrations, and 6353 are civil servants.

Photo, source: AA