Tair Smedlyaev, was arrested Oct 23 on the suspicion of bodily injury of policemen during May 3 events, was set free.

To recall, Tair Smedlyaev--brother of the head of the Central Election Commission of the Kurulta (Crimean Tatar National Congress) Zair Smedlyaev -- was arrested Oct 23 after police stopped his car in Stary Krym.

At least 4 Crimean Tatars were arrested over clashes that occurred near Crimea’s northern city of Armyansk in May.

Musa Apkerimov, Rustam Abdurakhmanov, Tair Smeldyaev and edem Ebulisov were arrested and charged with assaulting police.

They were among thousands of Crimean Tatars who clashed with police near Armyansk as their veteran leader, Mustafa Dzhemilev, was prevented by authorities from entering Crimea on May 3.