(QHA) -

Crimean court ordered that Tair Smedlyaev, who was arrested Oct 23 on the suspicion of bodily injury of policemen, to be detained till Dec 22, 2014.

The judge referred to the allegations of 60 people, which claimed he was an extremist. There was also a note that Tair Smedlyaev was a member of Ukraine’s “The Right Sector”-- Ukrainian nationalist political party, which originated in November 2013 as a paramilitary confederation at the Euromaidan protests in Kiev. It is depicted by Russia as “neo-Nazi”.

The lawyer of Tair Smedlyaev denied the accusations, saying they were “absolutely groundless”.

To recall, Tair Smedlyaev--brother of the head of the Central Election Commission of the Kurulta (Crimean Tatar National Congress) Zair Smedlyaev -- was arrested Oct 22 after police stopped his car in Stary Krym.

Earlier, two Crimean Tatars were also arrested on charges of inflicting serious injuries to police officers carrying out their duties on May 3 this year, when thousands of Crimean Tatars arrived at Ukrainian-Crimean border to meet their leader Mustafa Jemilev.

Mustafa Jemilev had been banned from entering Crimea for 5 years, accused of “extremism”.