March 21, 2018 marks the 167th anniversary of the birth of Ismail Gasprinsky, the great Crimean Tatar writer, educator, publisher and founder of the first Turkic-language newspaper Terciman.

Ismail Gasprinskiy (March 8 (21), 1851 - 11 (24) September 1914) was also one of the founders of Pan-Turkism.

Gasprinskiy was born in the village of Gaspra, Yalta district of the Tauride province in the family of the Russian service officer Mustafa Ali oglu Gasprinsky and his wife Fatma-Sultan Temir-Gazi gizi.

In 1871, he left for France, but in 1874 he moved to Turkey, where he lived for one year. After returning to the Crimea, he was elected a member of the Bakhchysarai City Council.

On April 10, 1883 Ismail Gasprinskiy was allowed to publish and be the editor of the first Crimean Tatar-Russian newspaper Terciman-Translator. For a long time this newspaper was the only Turkic-language periodical in Russia and from the 20th century it was considered the oldest Muslim newspaper in the world.

The newspaper was distributed not only in Russia, but also in Persia, China, Turkey, Egypt, Bulgaria, France, Switzerland and the USA.

The newspaper was closed on February 23, 1918, thus, the publication existed almost 35 years.

In 1887, Gasprinskiy published the magazine Terbiye ("Education"), in 1891 - an annex to the newspaper "Translator-Terciman" - "Kadın" ("Woman").

In 1905 Ismail Gasprinskiy began publishing the first Crimean Tatar magazine for women "Alem-i Nisvan" ("Women's World"). The editor of the magazine was then his daughter Shefika.

A year later, in 1906, he obtained permission to publish the first humorous magazine in his native language under the title "Ha-ha-ha." Later Gasprinskiy created a new weekly - a body of the Muslim faction of the State Duma of the Russian Empire - the newspaper "Millet" ("The People").