Today, October 12, local residents planned to hold a rally against toxic emissions in the city of Armyansk (Crimea). Residents intended to time it to the Day of the city, and they were going to come to the rally in masks and gauze bandages.

However, the rally was canceled, according to the users of social networks.
Channel RoksolanaToday & Crimea reports that instead of the planned action, the member of the “City Council” of Armyansk Viktor Mokhov will hold a meeting with voters at the venue.

Apart from the rally in the city, the concert organized in honor of the City Day is also canceled.

The resident of Armyansk Yekaterina Pivovar, who called on social networks to go to the rally, was visited by the employees of the Russian police and Prosecutor’s Office.

Pivovar told Krym.Realii publication that the security officials explained to her that there was no need for any rallies in the city.

Because of the difficult environmental situation, users of social networks offer to contact Greenpeace and demand the resignation of the Kremlin-controlled "head" of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov.

“We must demand the resignation of Aksyonov. Only then everything will be resolved. It is useless to call the Ministry of Emergency Situations and complain to the prosecutor. He cannot handle it. Solutions are not sought. Why do we need such a head. I only see his crazy bots in the comments. He did nothing!” One of the city residents wrote.

Also, residents of Armyansk continue to complain that the city has nothing to breathe.

“People! Residents of the city!!! It became known from a reliable source that in the air above Armyansk only 21% is oxygen, and 79% are gases unsuitable for breathing. How long should we stand it!” reads the message in Armyansk-Krasnoperekopsk Black List community.

Users report that toxic substances in the air are felt in neighboring village Perekop.

Meanwhile, the “authorities” of Crimea continue to assure that the situation in Armyansk is stable.

Thus, the "Deputy Prime Minister" of Crimea Igor Mikhailichenko said that the concentration of harmful substances in the air in the north of Crimea is not exceeding the norm.

He said that a group of experts is constantly working in Armyansk and in the protection zone of the acid storage tank of the Crimean Titan plant.
On October 11, residents of Armyansk reported that another emission of toxic substances into the air had occurred on the Crimean Titan plant, which had resulted in skin burns.

According to Deputy Minister for Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine Yuri Hrymchak, chemical emissions in Armyansk occur with a certain regularity, since the consequences of a man-made accident at the plant are not eliminated.

Earlier, the Crimean "authorities" evacuated from Armyansk almost three thousand people to health camps and sanatoriums in other areas of the annexed Crimea. Looters began to burst into abandoned houses.

It should be noted that the first reports about the deterioration of the ecological situation in the North of Crimea were recorded in late August. Over one night, metal objects left on the street were covered with rust, people began to massively suffer from allergies.

Source: Krym Inform, Krym. Realii