August 3, 80% of the trolleybus in Simferopol did not start their regular work on routes because of the traffic police check, according to "Rossiyskaya Gazeta".The officials fined drivers for improper transport condition right at the exit from trolleybus depot.

The worker of "Krymtrolleybus" controlling the vehicles departure, was fined for unlit light bulbs, broken windshields and different tread pattern.

Drivers resented the punishment, saying that the company, which had not provided the proper condition of the rolling stock must be fined instead of them.

"Of course, the traffic police imposed a fine. We have had a great shortage of spare parts for a long time. There are  many vehicles in trolleybus deport, and almost all of them are not suitable for use. The drivers can no longer take  responsibility for poor vehicle condition because the fines are followed by a driving ban. Where should we work then?” said one of the drivers.

The workers say that the company administration saves funds on everything and the employees have to buy oil and spare parts at their own expense.  Moreover they will have to install 18 windshields bought by "Krymtrolleybus" instead of the trained specialists.

“Windshields are huge and weigh 80 kilograms each. One needs a license, special equipment and training to install it. The Director General wants our mechanics to deal with it. As they have never done it before the Director openly permits to break a few,” said one of the drivers.

Starting from August, “Krymtrolleybus" drivers have an additional duty of fare control. The order of the company reads that from now on, drivers are required to let the passengers in through the front door, collect their fare, and then open the middle and back doors for other passengers to exit.
This duty will be added to the list of drivers’ function. Those who do not perform their duties, may lose their job.

Photo: Internet