The training was hosted by Victoria Aliyeva, the program coordinator of the public organization "Divovyzhni", on the basis of the course program on critical thinking of the Ukrainian Catholic University, developed by Victoria Bryndza.

During the training, the participants learned about the main logical errors and manipulative techniques in constructing the argument, discussed the difference between facts, assumptions and judgments, and also tried to introduce their own argument, assess and criticize it.

The total of 11 people, selected by the organizers, participated in the training on the basis of their motivation indicated in the application for participation. Given the interest shown, another training may be held, so that everyone interested could apply critical thinking in everyday life.

The training was organized with the support of the Mejlis and the joint efforts of the Crimean Tatars in Kyiv, the KYIV QT initiative, and the public organization DEVAM.

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